Sincronizare Telecomanda OPEL

Mai jos va prezentam cateva alternative de sincronizare :


=> Bagi cheia in contatc

=> Inchizi portierele ( le lasi deschise adica nu blocate )

=> Rotesti cheia in contact pana ti se aprinde Bordu ( dar nu pornesti motorul )

=> Dupa care apesi pe butonul de inchidere de pe cheie vreo 5 secunde

=> Iti dai seama ca masina a fost “resincronizata” daca usile se blocheaza si se deschid automat fara sa dai tu vre-o comanda din cheie



Program Astra key with OPCOM 2012V

And then the following part is the operation guide:

Step1. Insert your NEW remote central locking board into your key;
Step2. Put the key into the ignition and turn but Do Not crank the engine;
Step3. Connect OPCOM with your car and your computer (that has already finished software installation);
Step4. Open OPCOM software and click on “DIAGNOSTICS” (mark red at picture below);

Step5. A vehicle identification menu will pop out in the next page. Select your car year;
Step6. And then select your car model;
Step7. Select “BODY” from the menu.

Step9. Press “PROGRAMMING” button (locate on the right hand side of the screen);
Step10. Select “SECURITY CODE” (this should be the only one available at the time).
Step11. Enter your “SECURITY CODE” and click OK.
Step13. Follow the on screen instructions.
Step14. Click “CLOSE”.
Step15. Open and close door, try locking your door and then dead lock it. Once you have done this, unlock and all should be done.

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