Cum se sincronizeaza telecomanda VW Pasat B6

Mai jos va prezentam cateva alternative de sincronizare telecomanda VW Pasat B6:


I own two ’06 Passats. Inserted wrong fob into ignition to start it. Got error code and fob could not be removed. Called dealer and they said car would have to be towed to them.
Checked the internet for help:
1) step on brake pedal.
2) depress automatic shifter knob on “T” handle twice.
3) when click is heard-remove fob…

Broken Key to two Fresh Keys
A key fob has a RF-ID chip that only works for the one car it was made for. The key fob you bought on e-Bay will not work with your car with one exception. If you happened to have an old, broken key fob for your car you can swap out the RF-ID chips then have the new key fob reprogrammed. Post #24:

B6 Partial RE-train using VCDS
After a prolonged absence of battery cell voltage, the IMMO functions of a key may still work, it’ll still start the engine. But you find you can’t gain access to your car — the locking or unlocking don’t work — even though the little red LED in the fob lights up after changing the battery (see above)

To re-train an IMMO-working keyfob to security system:
VCDS -> Ch46 (central convenience) -> 10 (adaptation)
Channel 0: value 0, Save (rests all remotes)
Channel 1: value 2, Save
Press Unlock on each remote for more than one second consecutively. My car did not show any signs of acknowledgement like Ross-Tech said it might.
Close controller, done.
Check operation of each remote for vehicle lock, unlock, and boot. And for vehicle start.

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